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Features and info about OTH Servers .


OTH Servers gaming project is a new community with best mu features and ideas. Server is x100 dynamic exp and x10 static master exp and hunt and craft style, which means all items must be obtained and crafted in game, xshop in game offers only some simple items for server supporters! First resets and good gear can be reached easily, but to get maximum stats players will need some time, which will make the game longterm.


Resets: Reset is made in game after reaching 400lvl, command: /reset
Reset costs: Reset costs 100kk zen * reset, Stats after reset burns, no maximum resets, max stats: 64000
Reset reward: 400 points

After reset player is cleared from party or other player buffs and is reborn on the default map.
To add stats fast, use commands: /addstr /addagi /addene /addcmd


Game Features:
Get game advantages for supporting server from Special Menu Icon : VIP System
You can view rankings, time left events to start and more


Website Features:
Donate and get WCoins: Get Credits
Vote for server and get WCoins: Vote reward


Without Password

- You can set your Character to automatically accept users into your party when you are Party Master.
- Command to accept any player to join party : /re auto

With Password
- You can set a password to your party, so only players using the password will be accepted.
- Command to set the password you must write : /re auto XXXX where XXXX = your random password.
- After you set up your party password, in order for others to join your party automatically they must also write:
/re auto XXXX where XXXX = the same password that you set for your party and then just request a party on any user from your party.



Collect medals, box of luck, Pink Chocolate Box, RED Chocolate Box, Blue Chocolate Box for +10/Jewels/Excellent items.
Events and invasions like Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Red Dragon, Golden Dragon and other spawns are set to spawn every hour!
Explore maps and to find custom features, unique drops to obtain good items just by playing the game!


 Experience rates for experience rate with more resets get harder!

Resets 0-5:            x100 Exp
Resets 5-10:            x80 Exp
Resets 10-50:          x60 Exp
Resets 51-100:        x40 Exp
Resets 101-1000:    x20 Exp


More info Coming soon!